Keep Your Basement Dry All The Time!

Installing AquaStop triple sump pumpYou’ve done everything you were supposed to do to keep your basement dry: you called in a contractor, had a french drain or an internal perimeter drainage system installed along with a good quality cast iron sump pump. Your basement’s been dry and molds free for a while. You are happy.

Then, one morning, after some heavy rains, you wake up to find your basement under a foot or more of water and the sump pump that was supposed to keep this kind of thing from happening is dead.

There was no power outage overnight or anytime during the storm, so you were not worried when you went to bed the night before.

However, power outages are not the only thing that can cause a sump pump to stop.

Besides the fact that sump pumps are mechanical devices and as such prone to fail sometimes, a circuit breaker may trip, or someone may accidentally unplug the pump. Since the whole house still has power, this kind of incident usually goes unnoticed, until it is too late.

This page shows how to prevent floods due to sump pump failure, by installing battery operated backup sump pump systems. Our AquaStop Triple System, with not one but two electric pumps in addition to the battery, operated sump pump, is simply the best available system, guaranteed to reduce the odds of you ever getting a flooded basement again to statistical insignificance.

Contact us for a free estimate and you will see that having a dry basement all the time and giving yourself some peace of mind, is not only sensible: it is quite affordable too.

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