Top 5 Ways AFS Helps Real Estate Agents

The Top 5 Ways to Increase Your Paycheck by Partnering with AFS

1) Additional Square Footage Increases Value and Selling Price
In today’s real estate market, everyone is looking for more space and additional square footage.  Did you know that the average cost of adding a new addition is $120-$220 per square foot? Most of your clients and the homes that you are marketing already have square footage available for additional livable space or storage– but it’s tough to use a basement or crawlspace if it has water damage or mold. AFS provides mold remediation services and AquaStop Encapsulation, the top choice for basement and crawlspace waterproofing.  You can help your client finish their basement space for only $50-$70 per square foot– saving them money and helping you market a more valuable property with additional square footage.

2)Lower Utility Bills Attract Buyers

If your client’s home has cracks in brick and fascia, doors and windows that are difficult to open and close, or gaps around door frames… they also have significant drafts in their home that are causing their utility bills to go through the roof!   These are the signs and symptoms of a damaged foundation.  AFS can provide a free visual inspection for the property and can recommend the best solution for foundation repairs- solving the cracks and gaps and giving your client lower utility bills over the long run.

3) Green Properties Sell
Green, sustainability, organic there’s a lot of buzzwords when it comes to the environment these days. When it comes to foundation repair, choosing to repair your foundation is truly the “green” and environmentally responsible choice. Repairing your foundation costs less, uses less labor, and uses fewer materials than replacing it altogether.  And, it prevents large quantities of concrete from ending up in landfills.

4) Help your Property Pass Inspections Quicker with a Partner who Knows the Building and Foundation Code.
AFS technicians know the latest building code and can provide quick recommendations on repair solutions to make your property ready for sale.  Quick repairs with patches and caulk simply don’t work– they are actually a red flag to most buyers that a previous owner tried to skimp on repairs!  AFS is your partner in making complete repairs and protecting a home’s long-term value.

5) Knowledgeable Real Estate Agents Attract More Clients and Gain More Referrals.
Your clients depend on you to provide guidance and advice in real estate issues, and we know that you depend on us to be an expert partner in home repairs.  AFS provides basement and crawls space repair and waterproofing services as well as mold remediation.  We were named a Finalist for the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics, so you know we’re a partner you can trust.   When you connect your clients with knowledgeable contractors and service providers like AFS, you become the true Real Estate expert and earn their business and referrals for a lifetime.

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