A New Way to Think About Your Foundation

street creep damage

We know that cars have systems….and buildings have systems… but did you ever think about all of the systems in your home?  Most homeowners can name these few to start:

  • HVAC System– responsible for heating and cooling your home as the seasons and temperatures change.
  • Electrical System– powering your appliances, tv’s, lights and more so that you can comfortably enjoy your home.
  • Plumbing System– keeping water flowing to your sinks, fridge, showers, baths, toilets and outdoor irrigation.

But, there’s one system that’s missing It’s your foundation system. It goes without saying, your foundation is the most important system in your home.  It provides a fundamentally safe and secure basis for every other system in your home to operate.  Your foundation:

  • Gives your home a sound structure
  • Improves efficiency in utilities by preventing gaps and cracks that cause drafts
  • Allows windows and doors to remain in square alignment so that they operate properly
  • Keeps basements and crawlspaces secure, and allows them to be usable space.

Your foundation is a system that protects your home from the ground up. You may not see it every day, but don’t forget that its there, and its important to have any cracks, cracked brick or bowed walls checked out immediately. You can always contact AFS for a free inspection and report, and we’ll help you understand exactly what’s happening with your home’s foundation system.

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