AFS Geotechnical & Commercial Solutions

For years, AFS has been the leader in foundation repair in our service areas.  Over the years, we have provided expert foundation repair service for residential, industrial, commercial, and government projects.  However, our core business has historically been in the residential market.

Now we are launching a new website: to support a new segment of AFS. AFS Geotechnical & Commercial Solutions is a new segment that will focus on commercial, industrial, institutional, and other similar projects that aren’t residential projects.  We want to become a presence in the commercial bid-work market and a resource for the design and construction community in the territory that we cover.  As a reminder, our territory includes all of Alabama, the Greater Columbus Georgia area, and the Greater Chattanooga & Cleveland Tennessee markets.  We will be focusing on helical pile and helical anchor projects that require a significant amount of pre-construction design work.  This design work can be included as a service that AFS Geotechnical & Commercial Services will provide as part of the project, or it will be separate and simply considered as a consultation service.  Our SettleStop technology will also be expanded to include significant levels of commercial work.  We’ll be working on high-level road projects with municipalities and state departments of transportation.

How are we going to accomplish this?

  • It starts with putting the right people in place.  We now have an engineer on staff that can handle our clients’ technical design needs.
  • We are expanding our capabilities to include load tests for any project that requires it.
  • Our solution options will grow to be even more versatile to our clients’ needs.
  • AFS Geotechnical & Commercial Services will have a new web presence that caters to the commercial construction market and engineering design community.
  • You will begin to see AFS Geotechnical & Commercial Services at engineering conferences and conventions, like Alabama ASCE-AWPA Summer Meeting & the Tennessee Engineers’ Conference.
  • We will be coming out as a source of knowledge for alternative foundation systems and solutions that would otherwise require extensive time consuming and expensive traditional remedial methods.

We’re excited to have this as a new part of AFS. The residential side of the business will benefit as well.  By putting all of these into place that will only make our team of technicians and installers even more experienced and confident that we can develop a repair plan for you.

So the new website will speak to the design professionals out there who need specific support.

  • That support will come in the form of new case studies that demonstrate our experience with commercial projects.
  • We will have videos that show exactly how our technology works.
  • will have specific features and benefits that speak to engineers, contractors, and owners.
  • It will have easier access to drop-in specs necessary to include these technologies into a spec book.

So please take a minute to stop and look at  It’s up and running now, and will be growing and changing as we grow and change.  You will find that it has a wealth of information that can help you with your next commercial project.

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