FSI Conducts an All-Day Training in Huntsville

On November 10, 2015 AFS Managers, Inspectors, Technicians, and Crew Members attended an all-day training at the Marriott in Huntsville. Today’s training was hosted by our network, Foundation Supportworks (FSI). Training, in general, is an important factor at AFS which is meant to help foster skills such as listening, verbal and nonverbal communication, product knowledge and much more.

Training should also involve learning how to effectively communicate with all types of personalities and diverse populations. Serving the entire state of Alabama; Southern, TN; and Columbus area requires our managers and technicians to adapt to new surroundings and require one to have the adaptability to engage with our valuable customers.

To conduct this all-day training, AFS welcomed Foundation SupportWorks Director of Sales Development, Kurtis Kammerer. Kurtis currently serves as the Director of Sales Development for Foundation Supportworks where he coaches, advises, and consults with FSI dealers around the country in the area of business development. Prior to joining the FSI team, Kurtis spent more than a year learning the foundation repair business as a System Design Specialist for Thrasher Basement Systems where he became a certified foundation repair specialist.


Thank you Kurtis and Foundation SupportWorks for the opportunity to learn such valuable knowledge to use in the field.

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