Rainy Days & Mondays

Ugly wet basementAs warmer weather tempts all of us to be outside, it’s tough to have a rainy day (especially on a Monday!).  But, this is a good opportunity to perform spring maintenance checks inside your home!

  • As the rain continues to fall, pay special attention to your basement or crawlspace.   Is there any standing water, or even running water along the floor, walls, window areas or vents?
  • Is your basement or crawlspace musty or does it have an “off” odor?
  • Are any of the exposed wood portions of your attic turning different colors?  Have they changed from blonde to brown, red, or even black?

Water in your home causes a very humid environment.  That humidity can foster the growth of dangerous mold and even makes it possible for dust mites to grow in your home. Both of these pests can seriously agitate allergy sufferers in your household.

So, be productive this rainy season! Perform some basic spot checks around your home, and call on AFS Repair for a free visual inspection if you have questions about the condition of your home.

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