Moisture with Changing Weather…

Wet crawl space producing mold and mildewEvery year we all seem to complain that we jump from winter right into summer all to quickly.

Dramatic swings in temperatures (typical in our area), is a good reason to be checking your home’s crawlspace or basement. Changing temperatures and drastic swings in humidity change the dew point and the amount of moisture in the air… and under your home.

  • Does your home have a musty odor or smell?  How about your crawlspace?
  • Is there standing water around your home, or in your crawlspace?
  • Do you have a vented crawlspace?
  • Is your crawlspace finished, or does it have a dirt floor?

AFS wants you to be aware of how seasonal changes in weather can affect your home’s structure and the likelihood that you’ll have water damage.   Call AFS today 866-257-8991 to schedule a free inspection so that you can learn how to best protect your home.

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