Tennessee Valley Drought Causing Foundation Cracks & Damage

stair step cracking reaching from a window along the foundation wallNorth Alabama & Southeastern Tennessee are currently experiencing a drought causing many to focus on the farming industry. Although farmers are noticing a difference in their produce and water sources, many have failed to recognize the affect the drought is having on their home. Our very own, Ben Bayless, Jr. spoke with local news station WHNT News 19 to discuss such problems. “These foundation issues are directly linked to the drought”.

There are several signs that you might have a cracked foundation. “So you’ll see cracks in the brick cracks in your drywall, and you can also start to lose your molding inside the base or even see some of your outside doors are not closing the way that you want to,” Ben states. Drought conditions affect foundations because when the soil dries, it shrinks, causing the foundation to shift or crack.

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