AFS Tip of the Week: Early Warning Signs – Exterior Concrete, Sidewalk & Patio Cracks

Separation of exterior slabs, patios and sidewalks are signs of volatile soils and should be repaired before they become hazard. Cracks in concrete slabs extending from a structure and steps pulling away from a porch may indicate soil settlement.

Your home is resting upon many different layers of soil, each with different thicknesses and abilities to hold the weight of your home! They were formed or deposited there when the earth was formed. Typically, soil layers get stronger with depth. Deep below such layers is a soil layer of bedrock, which is very stable, dense soil.

Why Foundation Replacement Doesn’t Work

Total foundation replacement, the soil is first excavated from around your foundation walls. Then, the house is jacked up and the slab floor and foundation walls are removed. Not only is replacement extremely disruptive, and expensive, the real problem is that it doesn’t address the issue. The foundation isn’t the problem, the soil is the problem. You’ve simply built a new foundation in the same troublesome soil, so you can expect that your new foundation will break just like the old one.

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