Causes of Sagging Beams or Floor Joists in a Crawl Space

Improperly spaced supports using shims to support sagging floorShifting foundation soils, excessive moisture, or improperly spaced support columns cause structural weakness in floor joists and beams. These conditions are evident in cracks above doors, uneven floors and cracked walls.

Doors that stick, uneven floors and cracked walls also indicate settling. Structural problems, such as settling columns or sagging beams and floor joists, are common within a crawl space. Settling of columns in a crawl spaces are most often caused by weak foundation soils. Over time, these soils shift and settle with changes in moisture content and density, causing movement of the columns and the beams above. Sagging beams and floor joists are often the result of improper spacing of existing pier columns, effectively overloading beams and causing them to bend and sag. Excess moisture and wood rot can also cause beams and joists to weaken over time.

Our proven SettleStop Floor Supports stabilize beams and floors with immediate results. High strength steel columns are anchored in poured concrete foots in accordance with standard building codes. Custom made to your home’s specific needs, SettleStop Floor Supports allow for adjustments, by our trained crew members, for any height or limited access. SettleStop Floor Supports are anchored in concrete footings. This transfers the weight and load to more competent soils.

SettleStop Floor Supports installed to support sagging joistsIf your home is being supported by cinder blocks and columns, these are some of the problems you could be facing:

  • Difficult to adjust
  • Limited capacities
  • Doesn’t address weak soils
  • No concrete footings
  • Does not meet code
  • Time consuming
  • Temporary fix
  • Damages will recur
  • Doesn’t not lift floors and walls

Calling AFS for your structural repairs, you can be confident in our ability to install in tight conditions where height or access is limited, lifetime warranties, restoration in property’s value, and permanent home stabilization and results. Call AFS today for your free crawl space inspection: 866-257-8991

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