Rainy Summer Season in Alabama, Tennessee & Georgia

Wet concrete basement floorWhile your lawn and landscaping may have benefited from the recent summer rains, your basement or crawlspace is another story.  AFS reminds you that standing water, musty odors, and even running water in your basement or crawlspace is cause for major concern! After a long rainstorm, take a few minutes to walk around the perimeter of your home.

  • Do you see any standing water near the foundation of your home?
  • Are your gutter spouts directing water far away from your home, or are they leaking toward the base?
  • Is there standing water in your basement or crawlspace?
  • Do you see stair-stepping cracks in bricks, or cracks in the floor of your basement or crawlspace?

The damp and musty air in your basement or crawlspace is the same air that you’re breathing inside your home!  If you’ve got questions about water underneath and around your home… contact AFS for a free, no obligation inspection.  We can help you protect your family from mold and allergens like dust mites.

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