Why Should You Fix Your Home Now?

Foundation, wet basement and crawl space problems simply aren’t going away on their own. You will pay for your home’s problems whether you fix them or not! Foundation and water damage causes stress, inconvenience and on-going messes around your home. Remember, there’s another price you’ll pay if the problems aren’t addressed. Who wants to buy a house with a wet basement, crawl space or foundation problem(s)? Nobody.

When the time comes to sell your home, you will have to disclose defects on a form to potential buyers. Then the buyer, if they’re still interested, will request you fix the problem(s) before closing, or significantly lower your asking price. An investment in foundation and water repair pays off now by creating a dry, healthy space for you and your family. Your investment pays off in the future by protecting your property value when the time comes to sell your home.

AFS offers homeowners deep knowledge of our region’s soil conditions. Our experience is rooted in Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia soils. We’re locally-owned and operated company with deep local experience. That’s something the national franchises simply can’t match. With one call, we’ll schedule an appointment to visit your property at a time that works best for you. Your neighbors entrusted us with their home, and you can too!

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