Hire AFS, Receive Quality

Locally Owned and Operated

AFS is owned by Ben Bayless, Jr. and he instills the core values of integrity and trust throughout the entire AFS team. The Bayless family lives in the Huntsville area and Ben wants AFS customers to know the he and his family live, work and play in the very same communities that you do.

Customer Service & Operations Center

From your first call to AFS through to project completion, you’ll be greeted by our cheerful, friendly staff at the AFS office. Our customer service team is trained to assess your initial questions and match you with the inspector who is best suited to your property concerns. Our team works diligently to schedule all appointments at the times that work the best for your schedule and to provide answers in a timely manner.

AFS Certified Inspectors

AFS Inspectors are certified in the latest foundation repair, waterproofing and crawl space technology on the market today. They complete on-going professional development. Inspectors provide a detailed inspection report that uncovers the issues causing damage to your property. They work diligently to design a fully customized solution for your home.

AFS Production Teams

AFS’s professionalism extends beyond our customers service and inspectors to our production team as well. Our production teams are responsible for ensuring our promises to our customers are delivered every day.

Our Entire Production Team:

  • Attends weekly training
  • Wears a clearly logoed AFS uniform for your security and assurance
  • Arrives on time in an AFS branded truck

We look forward to serving you and helping you with your foundation, crawl space or concrete needs. Contact us today for a free estimate: http://bit.ly/2ccZ9HE

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