Achoo! Beating Allergy Season

In like a lion…out like a lamb….  How has your March been?   We’re halfway through the month and the warming temps have triggered an early spring…and are likely triggering allergies too. Here are a few pointers on reducing allergens in your household:

  • Tree and grass pollens begin to spread as early as late February and can continue through early summer.  Close windows while you’re mowing or sprucing up patios and gardens outdoors.
  • A thorough spring cleaning eliminates allergy triggers that may have built up throughout winter… and the rest of the year… in your home.  Remember small and hard-to-reach areas like bookshelves and air conditioning vents.
  • Peak pollen times are between 10am and 4pm;  try to minimize your time outdoors.
  • Indoor Allergens are just as troublesome as outdoor ones.

crawlspace in need of repairDid you know???  Dust mites are the #1 cause of indoor allergies.    Dust mites thrive in warm, humid environments.  Have you assessed your home’s total health lately?  If you have a musty or wet basement or crawlspace, you may be making it incredibly easy for these microscopic pests to thrive in your home.

Contact AFS for a free visual inspection;  we’ll help you determine the best way to give you a dry, healthy home…and one that doesn’t encourage those allergies to attack!

Our mission is simple…Do It Right!

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