Window Safety & Your Foundation

At AFS, we’re always on the lookout for tips to help you learn more about your home. During the week of April 1st-April 7th, National Window Safety Awareness Week is promoted by the National Safety Council.

Windows that stick or are difficult to open or close are a sign of foundation or structural damage. 

Take some time this week to review the operating condition of the windows in your home.

  • Do they open and shut easily, without having to struggle?
  • Are the locks on your windows secure?
  • Are there any drafts, cracks or gaps around the framing of your window?  (This can be another indicator of structural movement or settlement)
  • Is there any sign of water damage?
  • If you have window wells in your basement or crawlspace, are they properly sealed, or do you see signs of dampness or water intrusion?

If your windows are telling you that your home may have some foundation or structural damage, check your doorframes as well.  Are your doors easy to open and shut, or do they jam?  These are closely related signs in your home.  If you have questions, contact us for help. We’ll be happy to give you a free visual inspection.

For more information on National Window Safety Awareness Week, visit the window safety checklist from the National Safety Council.

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