Our Customers Say it Best

AFS recently helped a homeowner named Kathy with repairs for her home.   Below, she explains why she chose to work with AFS even though she had offers that cost slightly less with another provider.

What was the top one or two reasons that you hired AFS instead of another company?

“The plan [AFS] presented made the most sense, and all of the employees were top-notch and professional.  The other company walked around my house and jumped around and thole me they could fix the problem for a low price without offering any explanation.  There was no explanation for a plan on how they would fix it, or even what the problem was.

“Yes, AFS’s quote was slightly more, but they explained everything completely and offered advice. They answered all of my questions and were very courteous.  That’s the difference between a good company and a GREAT company.”

What did you think about our installation crew?

“Prompt and very professional. Everything was swept up daily.  Use me as a reference any time.”

Kathy, thank you for your comments.  There’s a lot to learn here!   When hiring a contractor for your home, look for more than just a truck, uniform, and promises.  Make sure that your contractor completely explains their approach to repairs, answers all of your questions completely and helps you make a well-informed decision about your home.

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