Encapsulation = Lower A/C Bills!

The dog days of summer are here, and across the South, we’re wondering if there’s any relief in sight! As the temperatures rise, it’s easy for homeowners to be more focused on their home comfort system (Their Air Conditioning!) than on what’s going on in their basement or crawlspace.

The two are closely related!!!

Think of it this way…

— Nearly all of the air in your home comes from the space beneath it.

— If the air beneath your home is full of dirt, mold, and moisture… that’s making its way into your home.

— Moist air increases humidity levels in the home.

— Higher humidity means that your A/C has to work harder to keep you comfortable!

Crawlspace encapsulation is a simple step towards taking care of all of the systems in your home.  CleanSpace allows you to seal off your dirty crawlspace and create a barrier that stops moisture from surrounding soils from getting in.

AquaStop Crawl Space Encapsulation System installedThe Result:

— Lower humidity in the home

— Improved air quality

— Reduced allergies (no mold or mildew!)

— Lower utility bills.

No matter the season… hot, cold, rainy or dry… CleanSpace Encapsulation makes sense for Alabama homeowners.  Contact AFS for more information and your free inspection.

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