Crawlspace Series #3: Your Crawlspace & Your Energy Bills

AquaStop encapsulation system being installed
This AquaStop liner is clean and the walls and columns are protected.

Nearly every home built with a crawlspace has an unfinished crawlspace.  While some builders may leave behind a plastic “vapor barrier”…. more often than not the homeowner finds that their crawlspace has a dirt floor  (and often lots of rubble, leftovers from construction and more!)

Don’t be fooled into thinking the basic sheet plastic draped haphazardly across your dirt crawlspace floor is enough to protect your home… it’s not.

The majority of the air in your home comes from the space beneath it— your crawlspace.  It’s important to be aware of how that air affects your comfort level at home… and your bills.

Vented Crawl Spaces Allow Unconditioned Air to Enter Your Home.

Crawl space vents allow outdoor air to enter the cool, damp area in your crawlspace.  In cold weather, these vents allow cold air into your crawlspace… making your home colder and more difficult to heat.  During hot weather, vents allow hot air to enter your cool crawlspace, causing condensation and excessive humidity– another problem in efficiently heating and cooling your home.

Dirt Crawl Spaces have Damp Air.

Damp air causes the humidity level in your home to rise.  Humid air is much more difficult for your HVAC system to process efficiently.  So, how much do you really lose by allowing damp air to sit beneath your home in the crawlspace?  15-25%!   Your HVAC system could be saving you 15-25% more off of your energy bills if the space beneath your home was encapsulated efficiently.

Dirt crawl spaces affect more than air quality;  they also affect the moisture in the air and the efficiency of your home comfort system.   If you’re tired of paying the price of a dirty, damp crawlspace, contact AFS for a free visual inspection.  We’ll review your home and design the most efficient system for you.   We Support Everything You Love.

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