Crawlspace Series #4: Fixing My Crawlspace

Complete Crawlspace Sump PumpFixing your dirt crawlspace and protecting your home isn’t all that complicated.  The goal is to protect your home from water intrusion, to seal your home from the surrounding soil and air, and to condition the air in the crawlspace.  Here’s how we do it:

1. An AquaStop sump pump system protects your home from water leakage.

2. The AquaStop Crawl Space Encapsulation System seals your crawl space and isolates it from the earth surrounding your home.

3. Sealing the vents and door to your crawlspace prevents air leaks from the outdoors.

4. An AquaStop dehumidification system conditions the air in your crawlspace and removes excess moisture.

As you can see, each step is relatively simple.  And the tools we employ have the very best technology incorporated into them…that ensures performance when it counts the most.  Your AFS foundation specialist will walk you through each step of our process and will fully explain each piece of equipment we recommend.

Let’s start with your free inspection today.   As you learn about our approach and the tools we use to protect your home, you’ll understand how each component works and why it’s important.  Contact our office to schedule your appointment.

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