An A+ in Albertville

[Albertville]-  Albertville is a great place to live; it’s an extremely affordable community and it has great access to Lake Guntersville and the many state parks that surround that body of water.   Older homes in Albertville tend to be built upon crawlspaces, and over time they tend to exhibit signs of damage such as:

-Sagging floors

– Water intrusion

– Structural Damage

SettleStop Floor Supports installed to support sagging joistsAFS recently responded to the inquiry of Mark S.  Mark’s crawl space had a dirt floor and areas of standing water.  In his home, several floors were sagging in areas where the spans between floor supports were too long.  Due to the excessive moisture in the crawl space, the floor joists were showing signs of weakening as well.

The AFS team installed a sump system in order to prevent water from flooding into the crawl space.  We also installed our crawl space encapsulation system in order to isolate his crawl space from the soils surrounding the home.  Repairs were completed by installing crawl space jacks in order to stabilize the sagging floor.   Installation was completed according to schedule and with minimal interruption to Mark’s family.

If your crawl space shows the signs of water intrusion or if you’re tired of sagging floors, contact AFS for a free inspection.  We’ll review your property, determine any points of water intrusion and then we’ll design a plan to completely protect your home.

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