Cheers to Our Customer Service Team!

[Toney] –  AFS recently helped homeowner Heather P. in Toney, Alabama with structural repairs.  Heather was kind enough to share her feedback with us on the entire repair process.  She noted, “I chose AFS because they were knowledgeable and made me feel confident in the services offered.”   Heather and her family found us through the BBB.

Lots of different team members interact with our homeowners throughout the repair process.  Our customer service staff assists with answering incoming calls and requests for appointments.  They match each homeowner with the foundation or waterproofing inspector that’s best suited to their property needs and their schedule.  An AFS inspector provides a complete evaluation of the home and a repair plan that’s designed to address each need.  Our installation crews and foreman work to complete the installation– and to clean up after the work is complete.

Our goal is to make sure we deliver excellent customer service each step of the way.  Heather noted one team member’s efforts. “The lady we dealt with was great!  She was friendly and helpful, and we’re very satisfied with the work AFS did.”

Great job team!  We’re proud of all of you!

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