New Programs for Industry Partners

At AFS, our first goal is education.  We want homeowners, realtors and home professionals alike to understand the structural issues that affect their property.   Structural issues can be difficult to understand– after all, they’re often caused by issues that you can’t see.  Shifting soils, excessive moisture content and soil composition are all factors that aren’t always visible at surface level.

In order to help both homeowners and the other home industry professionals that they work with regularly, we’re beginning a new education series and industry partner program.

Structure in (:60) Videos

Each month, AFS’s President, Ben Bayless, will share a sixty-second video that covers a specific foundation and waterproofing topic.  These videos are quick, easy-to-understand and easy to share with clients.  We want to help our partners learn about structural repair and learn about who we are too!

Real Estate Preferred Partners Program
Real estate agents can join our preferred partners program in order to access discounts and savings that can be shared with clients.  Our job in supporting real estate agents is to help you identify structural issues and a repair plan faster so that the contracts on the property can move forward.  Email [email protected] for more details.

Real Estate Education Seminars

AFS visits real estate offices to share seminars on specific topics related to structural repair and waterproofing.  These seminars can help you spot issues on a property sooner and help you protect the best interests of your clients.  If you’d like to schedule a seminar for your office, email [email protected].

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