Got Sunken, Uneven Concrete?

We’re excited to announce a new service to all of our homeowners! AFS now offers SettleStop concrete raising. SettleStop is a system that lifts and stabilizes sinking concrete. We use high-density polyurethane to raise slabs back to the desired level. Rather than replace sunken concrete… you can lift it!

Does your home or property have any of the following characteristics?

  • Sunken concrete sidewalks
  • Sunken or uneven concrete walkways, patios or garage floor
  • Uneven driveway or driveway apron
  • Sunken concrete steps
  • “Toe Stubbers”

AFS can complete SettleStop repairs with minimal disruption to the concrete. We drill 5/8″ holes (about the size of a penny) and use precision injection to inject the desired amount of material. The job cures in just 15 minutes, and it can be driven on right away.

If we can help you raise– instead of replace– your concrete, call us today for a free estimate.

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