Reasons NOT To Buy A Household Dehumidifier

Homes in our region are subject to pretty extreme conditions. Not only do we have four seasons, we also battle high humidity for much of the year. If your basement or crawl space smells “like a basement or crawl space”, it’s typically due to mold and excessive moisture in the space beneath your home.  A store-bought dehumidifier just isn’t strong enough to take care of the problem.

Here’s why:

  • They are too small.
  • The cold coil (the feature that cools the air and removes the water from the air) is too small.
  • The fan is too small  (by design, so as not to overwhelm the too-small coil)
  • The fan doesn’t circulate dry air around your basement.
  • They usually aren’t drained automatically so the bucket fills up and it shuts off. You might also be constantly pestered by having to change it yourself.
  • They are rated at 80 degrees F air temperature, and warm air holds a lot more moisture than cold air. If you keep your home at a steady 68 degrees then their effectiveness is below the number promised.

If your home needs a dehumidifier, consider an investment in a system that has the power to protect your home, and your family’s health, by effectively treating the air. Not only will the air in your home be more comfortable and more healthy, it will also be easier to heat and cool (your home comfort system won’t need as much energy to perform).   Contact AFS today for a free estimate and we’ll talk about the solutions that are right for your home.

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Reference: Dry Basement Science; L. Janesky

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