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Soda blasting repair in crawl spaceDust Mites and The Air Inside Your Home

Trees, flowers and shrubs are in bloom… everything turns green… and then everything turns yellow.  As spring ushers in warmer temperatures, heightened allergy activity comes with it.  But, allergy sufferers should know that it’s not what’s outside of your home that may be to blame for itchy, watery eyes and a runny nose.  It’s what’s inside that counts!

The #1 indoor allergen is dust mites!  You can’t see them, but they’re there.   Dust mites are tiny parasites that live in upholstery, carpet and bedding throughout your home.  Dust mite droppings are the top trigger for those with asthma and allergies in indoor situations.

How do you control dust mites?

One of the best ways to control dust mites is by controlling the amount of moisture in your home.   Dust mites absorb water out of the air, so when the relative humidity is more than 50%, these allergens thrive.  When it’s lower than 50% they dry up and die.

Controlling the moisture and humidity in your home starts with crawl space encapsulation. Our AquaStop system seals the space beneath your home and prevents moisture from entering your crawl space.  This thick 2o mil vapor barrier  is designed to seal out the wet, moist air that will arise from the damp earth of a crawl space.  In most southern climates crawl spaces are dirt crawl spaces, and this exposed earth contributes a constant stream of water vapor into your home.  It is this water vapor that contributes to a high relative humidity, which creates a perfect environment for dust mites to thrive in.  And through the stack effect – where the airflow inside your home flows from bottom to top – whatever is in your crawl space air will make it’s way into your house and will affect the air you breathe.

In addition to the AquaStop vapor barrier, a dehumidification system, like the very efficient air system, conditions the air throughout your home, ensuring the most comfortable level of humidity.  Sump pumps with battery back-up and alarm systems can also be installed to help divert any standing water outside of the crawl space.

Since dust mites love the humidity of crawl spaces, they will love the humidity in the above-ground spaces as well. But when you dry out the air flowing up into the house, the dust mites will dry out and die making your home and the air inside more agreeable to all.

If your allergies are a problem, it’s time to look inside…and AFS can help.

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