Apples to Apples

At AFS, we know that an investment in foundation repair or waterproofing for your home is a big decision.  No matter the cost of the repairs, there’s always something you’d rather do with your money.  If you’re evaluating foundation repair plans, don’t automatically go for the low cost solution.   It may have a lower price, but remember — it’s not necessarily the same product or approach.

When one company recommends an epoxy to patch up a cracked or bowing wall, another may recommend the installation of wall anchors to completely stabilize the structure.  Make sure that your comparison is based on more than price.  Ask questions about the ground surrounding your home, the types of products used and if there are warranties for performance.  You can also ask for case studies or testimonials from repairs on similar properties.

An apples-to-apples comparison will help you make the best decision for your home.

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