Have You Looked At Your Crawl Space Lately?

It’s the end of September, and one thing is clear… cooler weather will be here before we know it!  Now is the time to take a look at your crawl space.

  • Is it dirty, or do you have mud floor?
  • Is it damp and musty?
  • Is there standing water or excessive moisture?
  • Is your insulation sagging, or are your floor joists showing signs of damage?

AFS can take this crawl space “BEFORE”

Crawl Space Before AquaStop Encapsulation

And give you a safe, dry, healthy crawl space.  Isn’t this an “AFTER” you’d want for your home?

Crawl Space after AquaStop encapsulation

Let’s set up your free crawl space inspection today. You’ll gain additional usable square footage, and you can be confident that water intrusion won’t be affecting your home or your family’s health.

Call our office today for your free inspection.

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