Fall is Here!

Clogged exterior french drainThe leaves are changing and there’s a little bit of crisp coolness in the air. Certainly a welcome change in the Southeast.  Changing seasons are a great reminder to homeowners to perform seasonal maintenance that you may have missed while you were having fun and traveling over the summer.

While you rake leaves…look for cracks around your home’s foundation.

When you clean gutters…keep an eye out for stair-stepping cracks around windows.

As you put summer patio items away…take a look at your downspouts. Do they funnel water at least 3 to 4 feet away from your home’s foundation?

If you’re storing items in your basement or crawlspace, look for any standing water or signs of dampness.  Does it smell musty? Or, do you see any cracks in the floor or walls?

The best way to avoid major home repairs is to keep an eye out for tiny signs before they become big problems.

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