4 Steps to Fixing a Vented Dirt Crawl Space

If you notice standing water, moisture or a musty odor, its essential to fix the area to prevent further damage to your home.  Here’s our simple approach.

1)    Fix Groundwater Issues:  Whether groundwater occurs from excessive rain, proximity to a river or creek, or underlying soil conditions, you need to remove it. A SmartSump designed for crawl spaces is the interior drainage system that can do the trick.

2)    Isolate the house from the earth: In order to prevent on-going moisture issues from affecting your crawl space, you’ve got to segregate these two environments.  An AquaStop Encapsulation System acts like a heavy pool liner for your crawl space.  It keeps your home’s space dry above the liner and prevents over-drying of soil or shrinking, beneath your crawl space.

3)    Seal all outside air leaks:  This includes your vents!  Keeping unconditioned air out of your crawl space can help lower your heating &cooling costs by up to 20%.

4)    Dehumidify:  In our region, its essential to select equipment that is capable of completely controlling the air in your crawlspace.  An AquaStop Crawl Space Air System is a higher performance machine that addresses mold issues directly.

Our approach to treating your dirt crawl space is simple- its just 4 steps.  But, those 4 steps can protect the value of your home and lower your utility costs quickly and easily.  Contact us for a FREE visual inspection to learn more.

Source: Janesky, L. “Foundation Repair Science”

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