Tips for Preparing Your Home for Winter

Winter is all about staying warm, comfortable and saving energy…keeping those utility bills as low as possible. After all, improperly sealed homes lose 10-15% of their investment in heating costs through drafts.  Here are our top tips for effectively winterizing your home.

  • Is your crawl space door sealed effectively?  Nearly all of the air in your home comes from the space beneath it. The stack effect draws air from the lowest levels of your home up to the top levels.  If your crawl space door — or your crawl space as a whole – isn’t sealed effectively, there’s unconditioned air entering your home, making it cold, damp, and difficult for your HVAC to heat efficiently.
  • Check around doors and windows for leaks and drafts.  If they’re drafty, they’re either old, or out of square alignment.  If they’re out of square, and difficult to open and shut effectively, it may be a sign that your foundation has shifted.
  • Routine Maintenance is important for all of your home’s systems.  You should have your HVAC checked as the beginning of heating and cooling season. You should periodically check your electric outlets to be sure they’re grounded properly or have GFCI configurations in bathrooms to avoid shock risk. Remember, your home’s foundation is a system too. Make it a habit to walk the perimeter of your home on a seasonal basis to inspect for cracked brick, gaps around doors and windows, cracks in exterior fascia and standing water. These simple checks can help you stop a deeper issue before it becomes a big problem.

We hope these quick tips help you stay warm this winter season! The experts at Alabama Foundation Specialists can help prepare your Greater Birmingham home for winter with crawl space sealing, foundation repair, crawl space insulation, waterproofing, and more! Contact us to schedule a free estimate in Alabama and parts of Tennessee and Georgia.

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