Top 7 Reasons to Fix Your Foundation…Instead of Ignoring It

Reason #7: The Problem will get worse

The rule seems to apply to all parts of life; left untreated, a problem will only get worse. When it comes to foundation repair, if you leave a problem alone, it won’t get better on its own… and it will cost more to fix over time!

Reason #6: Resale Value

The real estate market is competitive;  how does your home measure up? If you want to buy or sell a home, you can rest assured that no one will consider a home with a foundation problem.  No one.

Reason #5: Appearance

Foundation damage causes ugly cracks in the foundation and inside your home- particularly around door and window frames.

Reason #4: Door and Window Operation

You know the door and window frames that we just mentioned? As a foundation or structural problem gets worse, it cannot hold the building in place where it should be. These shifts in weight cause doors and windows to jam.

Reason #3: Use of Space

Why pay for rental storage space? You could be using your basement or crawlspace if it was properly taken care of.

Reason #2: Safety

A failing foundation can be at the root of building collapse or even chunks of veneer or brick falling. Protect your family from these extreme conditions.

Reason #1: Critters like Cracks

Hey, we had to say it. No one likes bugs or rodents. But, cracks and spaces in your home look like a great home for these little pests. Don’t invite unwanted guests into your home.

Adapted from: “Foundation Repair Science”  L. Janesky

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