Are You Building a Home?

At AFS, we try to do everything we can to educate homeowners about protecting their most valuable investment – their home. If you’re building a home, be sure to ask your builder about the land that you’re using.  Make sure that a proper survey has been completed, and if necessary, your builder can install helical piers and foundation support BEFORE your home is built.  After all, one of the best ways to avoid foundation repairs is to stop problems before they start.

Here’s 3 benefits to talking to your builder BEFORE you build:

  • No ongoing and expensive fixes, such as drywall patches and crack repair.
  • No throwing your money into the proverbial Money Pit to address unplanned repairs and expenses.
  • Peace of Mind you know your new dream home will be safe and secure.

Adapted from: “Foundation Repair Science”  L. Janesky

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