Top 10 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Winter

As the seasons change and we’re inside more in the winter, it can be easy to jump ahead to indoor projects, home decor and organizing, rather than finishing up seasonal home maintenance.  We found this list of quick tips and reminders and wanted to share them with you.

  1. Inspect the Roof:  Look for missing shingles and check your yard for gravel and granules of shingles.  Accumulated piles usually indicate that your roof is wearing thin and it may be time to call a contractor for a more thorough inspection and possible repairs.  If your roof is steep, wet or icy, avoid climbing a ladder and use binoculars to inspect from the ground.
  2. Gutters: While you’re checking the roof, don’t neglect the gutters.  They may be filled with leaves, pine needles, and debris from earlier in the season.
  3. Look for cracked bricks and stair-stepping cracks around your home’s exterior and windows:  Cracked bricks can be a sign of foundation damage.  A simple walk around your home’s perimeter is a good start as you inspect.
  4. AFS worker sealing crawl space ventCheck Windows for Drafts:   You can walk around your home with a candle (be careful!!) and hold it near the edges of your windows. If the flame flickers, you may have drafty windows.  Drafty windows can be due to failing weatherstripping or foundation shifts underneath your home. It may be time for a free visual inspection from a foundation expert.
  5. Check your heating system: As you turn on your system the first few times in colder weather, be sure to change air filters and check vents for blockages.  you may need to call to have your system serviced regularly according to manufacturer specifications.
  6. Sweep the Chimney:   Before you burn a warm winter fire, be sure to check your chimney for debris from birds or animals or residue from last season’s fires.
  7. Adjust Storm Doors:  These can be a great way to save energy around the house!
  8. Clean your dryer vents: This seasonal reminder is essential to keep your dryer vents clear from excess lint.  Proper ventilation is essential in the prevention of dryer fires.
  9. Flip & Rotate your Mattresses:   If you haven’t done this yet this year, the changing of the seasons are a great reminder to refresh and revive your bedding.
  10. Stock up on hot cocoa: After all, the winter months are all about being cozy, spending time with your family and creating memories.    Enjoy!

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