Case Studies: Push Piers Support System

March 22, 2018

Ricky and Penny's home was in need of foundation support. Our push pier system is the permanent solution.
Ricky and Penny’s home was in need of foundation support. Our push pier system is the permanent solution.


A stable home is a happy home, but over time the foundation on which the home was built begins to settle. Not only does this cause water to seep through the foundation, but if not fixed it could have serious effects on the foundation of the home. Fortunately, when homeowners Ricky and Penny L. found they were having foundation problems they knew exactly whom to call.

The couple called AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists who then sent out Tim West, a foundation specialist, to their Cullman, AL home. After talking with the couple, Tim evaluated the foundation both inside and out. After a careful examination Tim deduced that the couple had a settling foundation that needed immediate action. Luckily for them he had an ideal solution.


Tim recommended the installation of Push Piers around the outside of the foundation. Push Piers utilize high-strength round steel tubes and a load transfer bracket to stabilize and lift sinking or settling foundations. The pier is installed against the existing footing, and the piers are driven through the foundation and deep into the soil. Using the structural weight and the contributory soil load as resistance the piers begin to lift the home and foundation troubles end there.

With the recommended product agreed upon, Tim called primary foreman Alan Jobin and his crew to install the Push Pier repair systems. Stability is one of the most important aspects of a home and thanks to the professionals at AFS, Ricky and Penny’s home will stay stable for years to come.

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