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Matthew Heath from AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists

Matthew Heath from AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists

Title: Director of Marketing

Hometown: Leeds, Alabama

Matthew resides in Birmingham, AL where he was born and raised more specifically in Leeds, AL. You cannot mention Matthew without also mentioning his wife, Lacey, as she is the completion of him. There is no him without her. They both live in the Liberty Park Area of Birmingham, AL where you can find either of them in one of three places at any moment in time. Work, Gym, or Home and they love it. Matthew gets a tremendous amount of personal value from making sure he is really good at everything that is important to him, which certainly includes his role as Marketing Director. For about the last 8 years Matthew’s work focus has been on having Ad Campaigns built and managed, on various platforms, with the ultimate goal of new customer acquisitions and keeping a consistency of the company brand on these various platforms. This requires an intelligent marriage of different media types and platforms that ultimately lead to the acquisition of new customers and the natural flow of an increased brand equity.

His main purpose at AFS is to help develop, implement and monitor the company’s short term and long term Brand Strategies in order to achieve specific goals. Some of those vital goals are building and maintaining community awareness of AFS, reaching and attracting new customers, providing insights into the effectiveness of various media platforms and the differentiation of our brand vs our competitors. None of the above can be effectively implemented without understanding the Customer Journey, also referred to as the Buyers Journey. That understanding allows him to help position AFS intelligently at each “micro moment” which is every interaction a customer has with the AFS brand.

Marketing touches everything in the company and is responsible for the public’s awareness of AFS, their experience with AFS and their current and future perception of AFS. Implementing the companies Brand Strategy and efforts really well ultimately leads to the success of the company as a whole and to each of us as individuals. Because of that, Matthew takes his position very serious. It is a passion.

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