AFS in the Community: Helping Victims of Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey donation items from AFS employees and community.

Hurricane Harvey continues to take its toll on Houston, Texas and surrounding areas since its arrival. The hurricane is estimated to have caused as much as 11 trillion gallons of water to flood the area. Unfortunately, this natural disaster has caused many to lose their personal belongings, homes, and valuables. More rain is predicted to touch the area and thousands have been misplaced from their homes, causing individuals and communities across the country to look for ways to help those affected by the storm.

When it comes to disaster recovery and restoration services, AFS offers proven products to help repair residential and commercial properties. “We spend our working days helping homeowners repair and protect their homes,” notes Ben Bayless, Owner of AFS. “We can’t forget that there are people in our community, as well as others, who need our help. Since Hurricane Harvey, I feel a sense of compassion for the cities affected and for the people in the area. It’s important for our team to support those who don’t have a place to call home and for those whose home is mildly damaged.”

In an effort to help those affected by the storm, AFS will be donating to a Relief Fund by providing products for drying out homes and basements to prevent future mold infestation and structural damage. We want to provide the necessary tools and products needed to restore homes back to livable conditions. That’s why we’re sending commercial grade generators, blowers, extension cords, air scrubbers, air filters, commercial grade dehumidifiers, and chemicals to remove mold from homes.

“Our employees and their children live, work and play in communities much like Houston. I can’t imagine something like this happening in our local communities, that’s why we’re helping out by donating these commercial grade products to the Houston area” notes Ben Bayless.

It is very important that families and individuals receive monetary donations for clean water, shelter, clothing, and general necessities. We strongly encourage everyone, who can, to research a relief fund such as the American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, Feeding America or the Salvation Army that they support to help assist those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Every penny or donation counts.

Our sincerest thoughts go out to all those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

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