Testimonials for AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists

When cracks began to appear on the brick walls and around the doorways of her Huntsville, AL home, Donna D. knew this was something she needed to fix as soon as possible, and she knew just who to call for help. Having done her research she learned that foundation cracks such as the ones appearing in her home, could be caused by foundation settlement. She personally knew Ben Bayless, the owner of Alabama Foundation Specialists, and she knew them to be  persons of integrity, trustworthy and running a reputable business. The system design specialist that came to her house was so thorough in his inspection, and detailed explanation of the causes, solution and the process used to fix sinking foundations that she had no doubts AFS was the right company for the job. The installation process was quick, the job was finished on time and the crew performed a thorough cleanup afterwards.Donna is very happy knowing that her home is now back on solid ground, his property’s value and structural integrity is safeguarded,  and that she will never have to worry about it again thanks to the Lifetime Warranty provided by AFS.

Donna D. of Huntsville, AL

Lisa G. loves to entertain family and friends in her Huntsville, AL  home, but a sinking porch had quickly turned into a trip hazard, so before someone was seriously hurt she decided to have it fixed. After looking at different options, she chose to hire Alabama Foundation Specialists for the job. They were the only company in the area offering the exclusive PolyLEVEL Concrete Leveling System. PolyLEVEL is an affordable, environmentally friendly and fairly superior alternative to mudjacking and slab replacement to raise and level concrete slabs, driveways, patios, porches and sidewalks, PolyLEVEL is a structural grade polymer, injected under the slab through small holes drilled in the concrete. With virtually no down time, a PolyLEVEL treated area can be used only 15 minutes after application!Lisa is very pleased with how affordable, clean and fast the installation was, and with the fact that her porch was leveled and stabilized just in time for the holidays!

Lisa G. of Huntsville, AL

I am extremely satisfied with the work done. The installation crew was punctual and professional. The office staff were excellent, and the technician was very professional; competent; and informative. The cleanup was beyond satisfactory, it was excellent, more than I expected. Your reputation and presentation are much better than other companies, which is why we hired you. Thank you.

James A. D. of Centre, AL

I am extremely impressed with the wok you did. I thought that my house was a hopeless case. AFS came to my rescue. The level of professionalism exhibited by the crew was outstanding. The office kept me informed right up to the day of the work. My foundation inspector thoroughly inspected my house and problem and I felt he told me the truth about everything. The entire team exhibited integrity and I picked up on it immediately. I had an initial inspection/estimate a few years ago and I remembered being impressed with the manner in which your company conducted business. This year, when I was actually ready to have the work done, I felt compelled to call AFS. I am an extremely satisfied customer.

Donna of Birmingham, AL

I heard about your company on a TV ad and checked with the BBB. I liked your appraisal instead of other companies and am very satisfied with the job you did. I think your installation crew was very professional, and the office staff was knowledgeable and willing to help. I found the technician very informative and professional.

Virginia S. of Union Grover, AL

David Rathman was very nice, helpful, and explained the situation plus the concerns and the cost. We were pleased with his presentation and knowledge.

Tim & Becky H. of Athens, AL

Crew members and sales representative were courteous, respectful, and professional.

Charles V. of Athens, AL

Keith Caruso – outstanding customer service and company rep. LISTENS to customer, pays attention to detail. Great improvement!!

Samantha E. of Athens, AL

Cody was very professional and did not try to oversell me but rather identified the problem and assured me it could be fixed and what it would require. He did not oversell or was he aggressive to the point of being obnoxious like some salesmen. He was a very well trained person and sold me just what I needed to fix the problem. I personally have been in sales all my life and Cody is a pro. He is the kind of salesman I always tried to be. This is a great product and it’s the kind of dream product everyone wants to sell.

Bill M. of Hixson, TN

I am very satisfied with my experience with the office staff. The technician was very knowledgeable and the installation crew was very courteous. The chose AFS because they have a good reputation and the cost was reasonable. I am very satisfied with the job AFS did for me.

Gina W. of Hazel Green, AL

Our sales rep, Adam Mitchell and the crew, Francisco Sanchez, Javier Marcial and Jose Pimental were beyond awesome to deal with. We are beyond happy with the work that was done and I think my Daddy would be pleased with the investment we chose. Thanks AFS!!!!

Nicole H. of Hazel Green, AL

The purpose of this note is not to refer anyone, but to compliment your company’s professionalism and pleasant presentation. I will refer any of any friends or work associates to AFS because of my experience described. I am thoroughly impressed with your initial contact made by your scheduling department. The positive attitude and scheduling coordination was impressive. Likewise, I was equally impressed with the initial contact and follow up after my home inspection made by Mr. Jim Lynch. I’ve had worked with a variety of contractors in Alabama since my retirement from the Army in 2003 and without question AFS is the best per my comments above. If you desire additional explanation please contact me.

Henry W. of New Market, AL

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