Alabama Concrete Lifting: What You Need to Know

An example of a cracked driveway that could use Alabama concrete lifting by a professional.
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Every Alabama homeowner wants their place to look great, and overall, they want their property in proper shape. Whether it’s the lawns, or the driveway, every bit of the property stays in prime condition. That’s why Alabama concrete lifting is important.

Alabama Concrete Lifting: Common Problems and Solutions

When it comes to driveways, homeowners in Alabama use concrete as their primary choice. Although it is a good option, homeowners can face concrete issues like sinking and cracking. Sunken concrete can be an eyesore. Additionally, it can also become a hazard for others. We strongly recommend that certified professionals handle all concrete lifting concerns. It is not going to fix itself, but Alabama concrete lifting professionals can address this. Homeowners need to opt for professional Alabama concrete lifting to restore the concrete to its former glory. 

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Why should you lift your concrete?

First of all, when you see concrete lifting, lowering, or cracking, you should know the causes. There are many reasons for concrete troubles. One primary reason is tree roots. For example, bulging or overgrown roots can find their way under the concrete and then push it over time. Roots are responsible for misplaced slabs, cracks, and uneven levels. If the roots have rotted and created a void underneath the concrete, a professional can lift the concrete. However, if the roots still exist, they must be removed before any concrete work can be done.

Surrounding soil can also be responsible. For instance, if there is clay soil around the house, then it can absorb more water than normal. Also, the soil can swell over time and cause the concrete to rise if not mixed correctly. The inverse can also happen. Clay expands when wet but contracts when it is dry. This repeating expansion and contraction cause major changes and shifts. Generally, concrete sinks due to a continuous path of water. Water always finds the path of least resistance and will ride the slope of the surrounding area or yard to wash out the soil underneath the slab. This is where Alabama concrete lifting helps.

What is the solution? 

Uneven concrete can pose a safety concern, or bring down the value of the property. The concrete can be leveled if things are not severe. Severely damaged concrete needs replacement. However, replacing concrete can be costly. Alternatively, polyurethane foam can be used instead.

The process of lifting concrete is simple. Experts pump polyurethane under the slab through drilled holes measuring 5/8ths, roughly the size of a dime. This helps fill the voids under the concrete and level it. Concrete experts patch the drill holes with a concrete mixture to seal the process. Polyurethane is a non-invasive procedure compared to other methods.

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