We Have A Service Department Dedicated to Your Specific Waterproofing Systems Needs

At AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists, we’re proud of our full line of AquaStop products, which are all top-of-the-line products and systems to keep basements and crawl spaces dry.

That said, all mechanical products like sump pumps and dehumidifiers are made with parts that require maintenance.

Our company has developed a full staff dedicated to servicing and maintaining your product after it’s installed in your home.

Just as you would rely on a service department in a car dealership to assist you with issues with your car, we want you to rely on us to efficiently test, run and service your waterproofing system.

It’s called our Customer Care Club, designed to take care of our customers’ systems and avoid potential issues down the road.

Contact AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists for more information on our service department and the benefits of having your waterproofing system regularly serviced. We help homes throughout Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia including Huntsville, Birmingham, Nashville, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Columbus and nearby.

AquaStop upright dehumidifier

At AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists, we maintain a full-time, dedicated service & maintenance staff to help maintain the systems we install for our customers. You can count on us to be there for you!

Get Checkups After Your Warranty Expires with our Customer Care Club

Regular maintenance greatly enhances the life of your sump pump and dehumidifier and their parts long after your warranty is up. We offer a specialized Customer Care maintenance plan designed to check on your system after the depletion of the manufacturer’s warranty. During your maintenance visit, our service technician will perform the following:

  • Checking the pump operation
  • Flood Test
  • Clean the pump liner of any sediment or silt
  • Check the discharge lines
  • Change the batteries in your sump pump alarm
  • Change any dehumidifier filters
  • Complete perimeter check
  • Check for domestic leaks

We recommend scheduling an annual service or maintenance to ensure that your sump pump and waterproofing system are operating at peak performance levels.

Our technicians can serve homeowners anywhere in our Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia service area, including Huntsville, Birmingham, Nashville, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Columbus and nearby.

Keep Your Waterproofing System Healthy

Your service department specialist is professionally trained to detect problems with your system such as worn-out components, or parts that aren’t functioning properly. We can repair any damages we encounter to make sure your sump pump and dehumidifier are ready for the next big flood or excessive rainfall.

It’s important to schedule regular maintenance with a member of our service department staff. They are dedicated to assist you with any updates, repairs, and additions within your basement that you need to keep it dry and usable.

Your Professional Service & Maintenance Visit

At AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists, we pride ourselves on the thoroughness and professionalism of our specialists. Each of our service technicians is experienced and fully trained to provide your system with complete, comprehensive waterproofing system maintenance.

During their visit, your expert will conduct all of the following steps:

AFS Foundation and Basement Waterproofing SpecialistsSchedule maintenance visits for your waterproofing system

We want you to get the most out of your waterproofing system investment! Schedule a system service appointment with us each year to ensure that your system is running at peak performance – so you can rest easy with a basement that’s dry all the time!

We repair and maintain systems installed within our Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia service areas, including Huntsville, Birmingham, Nashville, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Columbus and many areas nearby.