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Basement waterproofing specialists use the EZ Flow pictured here.Basement Waterproofing Specialists Fix Complex Basement Issues

Your basement is an integral part of your house. As such, your basement requires adequate care and attention. Insufficient or inadequate waterproofing can cause extensive damage. A basement full of water is not the only cause of basement water problems. High humidity and unseen water seepage can cause extensive damage. Consequently, significant issues may require proper waterproofing. Here’s how the basement waterproofing specialists at AFS can help.

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Basement Perimeter Drains

First, the experts at AFS dig around the basement’s outer perimeter. Our experts install an AquaStop Drain┬«. This drain collects excess water from the basement walls. Additionally, this drain sits beneath the edge of your basement floors. Water collects in the drain without risking clogs. Our AFS specialists have the right basement waterproofing application for you.

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Basement Crack Inspection

Are you noticing basement wall cracks? Our AFS crack repair system is time tested and recommended by our experts. Water can enter your basement wherever an opening exists. Our methods and perimeter drainage system help prevent water seepage. Each specially designed technique addresses a different type of basement leak. Ask your AFS expert which method is best for you!

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Vapor Barriers for Basement Waterproofing

Installing a vapor barrier protects your walls from mold growth. As a result, your basement will be more attractive. Our basement waterproofing specialists offer the AquaStop® Wall Liner. This barrier is 100% waterproof that offers basement protection. Installation is quick and long-lasting. Your basement will be ready to use immediately after installation.

Hiring Basement Waterproofing Specialists at AFS

Basement problems are not going to go away on their own. High humidity and water seepage cause massive damage to the basement. Hiring an AFS expert is necessary to fix home issues. Ready to get started? Give us a call today for a fast and free estimate!

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