Repairing Leaky Floor Cracks in Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, and Mississippi

Cracks in concrete floorOne of the more perplexing issues that homeowners face with their wet basement is the challenge of stopping water from rising up through their basement floor.

Fortunately, basement floor cracks can be easily and effectively repaired as part of a proper perimeter drainage system.

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Floods from the floor. Floor cracks expose basements to water underneath the slab.

Are Lateral Drains Always Needed?

In most cases, a lateral drain will not be recommended for waterproofing your basement cracks in the floor. Most water that collects under the floor will be taken care of by the sump pump or perimeter drainage system before the water can push up through the floor cracks.

In the case of serious flooding through cracks, however, creating a lateral line to your drainage system is an easy, cost-effective way to help keep your basement dry.

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wet basement floor

Water can also rise directly through the porous concrete of your floor slab.

Carpet or wood installed on the concrete will trap this moisture underneath, resulting in mold and rot. You should always seal your basement floor before installing carpet or organic materials.