Best Alabama Crimson Tide Man Caves and Basements

Alabama’s Crimson Tide football team has some of the most enthusiastic fans in college football.

There’s a good reason fans are so committed. Bama has had 11 undefeated seasons, 44 bowl victories, been in the playoffs six out of the past seven seasons, and took home the championship in 2020. As commentators have joked, if you don’t know that Alabama is one of the best teams in the country, the fans will make you aware.

Many fans have shown their support for the Crimson Tide by decorating their homes with team colors and memorabilia. However, during the pandemic, these fan rooms have become even more important. When stadium seating is limited because of COVID-19 protocols, the best place to cheer “Roll Tide” is from a team-themed man cave, basement, or fan room.

Below, we’ve collected some of the best Alabama Crimson Tide man caves and basements. From Tuscaloosa to Birmingham, Huntsville, and Mobile, which of these ultimate fan caves would you like to hang out in?

1. This Alabama Fan’s Basement Lets You Pretend You’re at the Stadium

Attribution: @SkyBox360com – Twitter

This man cave brings the sights of Bryant-Denny Stadium to the homeowner’s basement. On the walls are 360 degrees of panorama stadium photos to make it feel just like game day. The room comes together with comfy seating, a big-screen TV, and a red carpet with Alabama’s logo.

2. Crimson Tide Basement for Watching Games and Working Out

Man cave today boys LETS GOOOOO from r/rolltide

Attribution: JohnParkerWilsonStan – Reddit

This Alabama fan cave has jerseys, team logos, a wall decal, and a carpet that looks like the football field. But rather than having couches in front of the TV, the room has workout gear. The homeowner can lift weights or run on the treadmill while watching games.

Another great feature of this man cave is the black-and-white checkerboard ceiling. Using the existing grid from the drop ceiling tiles, a fresh coat of paint adds energy to the room. Updating a ceiling can be so transformative that it made it to our list of five easy DIY basement updates any homeowner can do. 

3. Crimson Tide Tailgating Cabin

Ask Andy Turner why he didn’t keep his Crimson Tide-themed man-cave to himself and it’s obvious he’d never even thought to do that.
Posted by The Anniston Star on Sunday, September 1, 2019

Attribution: The Anniston Star – Facebook

When you scroll through the photo album of Andy Turner’s man cave, you’ll see that his backyard cabin is the perfect spot for tailgating during Bama games. There are three big-screen TVs, plenty of team memorabilia, a covered porch, indoor seating if it’s a small group of fans, and a big yard in case more friends show up to watch the game.

4. Basement Recreation of Gallettes Bar

Attribution: – YouTube

Gallettes Bar in Tuscaloosa claims to be the closest bar to Bryant-Denny Stadium. This favorite spot for game day is well known for its signature drink, the Yellow Hammer.

One Alabama fan loves the bar so much that he made a replica of it in his basement after moving to Gadsden, AL. The video tour shows a central bar, a pool table, several TVs on the walls, and the perfect combination of dim lights and wood paneling. The attention to detail is impressive, and the replica includes a cash register, jukebox, and industrial steel double doors.

5. The Basement in Coach Bryant’s House that Changed History

Quote of the Day,
“ He was simply the best there ever was.”
Former Nebraska head coach, Bob Devaney on Coach Bryant

Posted by Paul W. Bryant Museum on Thursday, August 17, 2017

Attribution: Paul W. Bryant Museum – Facebook

This basement may be one of the most important spaces in the history of Alabama football. According to Tuscaloosa News, Coach Bryant’s basement was the focal point of his otherwise modest house. “We had all kinds of functions there. Sometimes it was business and sometimes it wasn’t,” says Clem Gryska, who coached under Bryant for more than two decades. Joe Namath even lived in the coach’s basement for a few days after getting suspended.

Gryska described the room like many of today’s man caves. “He put up all of his pictures, credits, and everything that he had from Kentucky and Texas A&M on the basement walls. He had so many honors and interests, and it was a good place to show them off.”

6. Stylish Bama Crimson Cottage

Posted by The Bama Crimson Cottage on Monday, November 4, 2019


Attribution: The Bama Crimson Cottage – Facebook

Sometimes it’s not enough to have just one room of the house to show off your love for Alabama football. This rental house has team colors and memorabilia in just about every room.

Use this approach in your own home. Rather than grouping all of your Crimson Tide gear together into your man cave, you can spread it throughout the house so there’s no question about what team you’ll be rooting for on game day.

7. Carport Transformed Into Roll Tide Man Cave

Finished out my carport and turned it into a cave for men. from r/mancave

Attribution: InhaledPack1 – Reddit

This Alabama fan wanted a space to watch the games, and not having a basement wasn’t going to stop him from building his man cave. The hardest part was probably wiring the carport for electricity and cable. Then it’s just a matter of painting the walls, moving furniture, and hanging Crimson Tide photographs.

8. Alabama’s Team Basement and Walk of Champions Tunnel

Attribution: @AlabamaFTBL – Twitter

This well-known basement isn’t accessed through a staircase. It uses a tunnel.

The $107 million renovation of Bryant-Denny Stadium was completed in 2020, and updates included the underground locker room and the tunnel where the team runs out onto the field. The tunnel has a massive LED screen that plays hype videos and clips of Crimson Tide history. This leads to the remodeled locker room. The modern and open space has red leather benches for players, floor-to-ceiling murals, and an exciting pattern of ceiling lights.

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