Rotted Floor Joist Rot Replacement for Crawl Spaces in Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, and Mississippi

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Floor joists and band sills play a vital role in the construction of your house. Wooden floor joists can be found running parallel to each other at regular intervals along your house on top of band sills. But because they’re made of wood, if they’re exposed to water and moisture, they can rot or grow mold.

It is recommended that if the floor joists have rotted to a point at which they no longer provide adequate structural support, you should have them replaced. You can also reinforce or “sister” joists, meaning fastening another joist to the rotted one’s side, but if you have a moisture problem in the area, this probably won’t help. The sister joist will eventually rot as well, and coating the joists with a surface treatment may slow the problem, but won’t solve it.

AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists can reinforce or replace wooden floor joists and address the moisture problem as well with our AquaStop crawl space encapsulation system.

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Rotted floor joists happen after being exposed to moisture, causing mold to grow, eating away at the wood until it no longer supports your crawl space.

rotted crawl spaceGet to the source of your wood rot problem

According to the University of Illinois Small Homes Council, as much as 18 gallons of water per day can evaporate into a crawlspace under a 1000-sq.-ft, house. So even if your dirt crawl space seems dry and dusty, the soil can still be pulling in moisture that can rot wood floor joists.

Get to the root of moisture problems in your home. Once you replace the rotten wood floor joists and band sills, you must find where the water came from in the first place so that it doesn’t continue to rot wood in your home.

If the leak problem is in your crawl space, our AquaStop crawl space liner can help keep your home separated from ground moisture. We can also help with basement waterproofing needs.

The strength of wood floor joists is a function of the thickness of the joist, its height, wood type, and the distance between supports. If your floor’s support system is weak, it could feel like you’re walking across a trampoline!

Crawl space leaks can lead to permanent damage. You need to get to the root of your moisture problem to prevent problems with your replaced floor joists in the future.

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