Do I Need to Insulate My Crawlspace Before I Sell My Home?

The wooden beams are covered in fungus. This will lead to potential wood rot later.

Today’s homebuyer is looking for a great value from the top to the very bottom of a property, and that includes your crawlspace. Improvements that contribute to energy savings and that improve health factors are incredibly valuable to today’s buyer and have the potential to set your home apart from others on the market.

Insulating your crawlspace is just one step you can take to improve your home’s value.  But, an AquaStop encapsulation yields extra benefits:

– Additional storage space adds valuable –and usable–square footage to your home.

– AquaStop encapsulated crawlspaces provide energy savings

-AquaStop encapsulated crawlspaces eliminate the threat of mold and mold-related issues that affect many homes with damp spaces.

The old adage “you pay for what you get” certainly applies to crawlspace improvements.   While insulating a crawlspace is a great first step, an AquaStop encapsulated space provides value that pays returns for years to come.

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