AFS Tip of the Week: Early Warning Signs – Cracked Interior Walls

Do you have cracks on the drywall on the inside of your home?

Vertical cracks in sheet rock or plaster typically found above or below windows or openings in walls may indicate a sinking foundation caused by soil bearing failure. Also look for sheet rock separating from the corners and places where it looks as if the paint is wrinkled.

Many of these signs you can see on the outside of your home are similar to the ones inside your basement or crawlspace. Stair-step cracks, for example, may be seen in a foundation wall built from concrete block. In a foundation constructed of poured walls, vertical cracks are more common.

Cracks in drywall throughout the house are a good indicator of settlement, and may be more obvious in the uppermost levels of your house. Below are common signs:

  • Cracks that follow drywall seams
  • Drywall tape buckling or ripping
  • Drywall cracks off of the corners of doors and windows

Hiding the problem by patching over drywall cracks or tuck-pointing cracks in brick or block are only band-aid fixes. The real problem still exists and hasn’t been solved.

What Causes Foundation Failure?!

Though minor settling of a home is normal in the years following construction, homes built on expansive soils may experience a structural condition known as “foundation failure.”

Fractured Brick

Cracks in brick cladding may indicate a sunken footing. Look for “stair stepping” cracks near windows and doorways, running vertically or diagonally near the ground and foundation corners.

Remember, big cracks once started as small cracks. How long will you wait to fix the problem?

Identifying the early warning signs of foundation settling, shifting can help you avoid additional troubles and cost.Learn more about settling and foundation cracks here.

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