How To Hire A Home Improvement Contractor

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Tips to Find Home Improvement Contractor

Finding a reliable and trusted home contractor can pose some challenges. You can always start by asking your friends and neighbors. Additionally, contacting organizations such as the Better Business Bureau is a great alternative. The BBB is a non-biased source of information and references on business in thousands of categories. At AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists, we are proud of our excellent ratings with the BBB and other affiliations.

Remember, you are allowing these professionals to inspect and assess the condition of your home. You want to ensure that the specialists you hire are trusted and reputable. Therefore, it is essential that a trusted and friendly home improvement contractor have customer recommendations.

Our Dedication to the Health and Safety of our Community

A reliable and trusted home improvement contractor will never make you feel uncomfortable. Experts are friendly, courteous, and know what is required to deliver quality work without too much hassle or disruptions. Keep this in mind when hiring a home improvement contractor. If you need a foundation inspection, contact our team at AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists. We offer free estimates for all your foundation repair needs.

Start Your Search with the Better Business Bureau

Going through Reliability Reports on tens of thousands of contractors can be very stressful and challenging. Therefore, you can rely on your local BBB location to find trustworthy inspectors. BBB Accredited businesses go the extra mile in maintaining BBB’s Standards for Trust. 

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Finding Reviews for a Home Improvement Contractor

First, make sure the home improvement contractor hired meets all state and local requirements. Second, ask the representing business if they are licensed, insured, and bonded. Lastly, ask the company for references from recent jobs. Don’t forget to confirm whether the contractor will be subcontracting the job or employs specialists full time.

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Recognize the Red Flags

It’s essential to choose your contractor carefully. Don’t deal with contractors that use high-pressure sales tactics or require full payment upfront. Be wary of consistent bad reviews. While negative reviews are typical for any company, finding a low score pattern should be a massive warning to consumers. 

Consider visiting the home improvement contractor website, if available. Trusted business websites should display any accreditations and reviews. Additionally, look for the company’s previous work or ways they are involved with the local community.

Get Everything In Writing 

Know and understand all steps in the process, including cleanup and disposal of waste. Ask that all agreements or changes be in the written contract. Pay close attention to the payment terms, estimated price of materials and labor, and any warranties or guarantees. 

Follow these simple tips and guidelines while dealing with a contractor. Ask for references from other homeowners in your area. This planned approach will bring you closer to finding a trusted home improvement contractor.

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