Job review from 35811

5 Stars out of 5

This was top of the line and it was more expensive than I thought it would be but it was well worth it. They knew how to work with the mess that was in our crawl space and now it is beautiful underneath. A job well done because these are the expert people that knows how to do it correctly.

The Cleanup Process
They left everything perfectly clean.
Our Overall Service
They came out on the day wanted and was here two days to do our crawl space
Call Representative
Told me hen representative was to be here and he was right on time.
Sales Process
Told me what was needed and then we talked about overkill of having 2 sump pumps. I opted for just one.
Our Installation Crew
They worked in a very cramped crawl space where another company said that they would not do it. The white plastic is top of the line. Also they put a little door to the crawl space.
AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists

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