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Very pleased with the condition of my yard when they left.

The Cleanup Process
Very pleased with the condition of my yard when they left.
Our Overall Service
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Our Installation Crew
All employees were great at explaining the process. That being said, it seems like two of the guys were running the clock out. Day 1, they ran out of soda around 2pm. I was told they called in for some more that was being delivered that day. They guys end

What made you choose our company?

I’ve heard too many horror stories from people choosing to go with a company that’s a few thousand dollar cheaper. They end up having the issues pop up years later only to find out the company they used has gone bankrupt and their lifetime warranty is no good. We wanted to go with a trusted, financially stable company that should be around for a very long time. We also liked that AFS proposed a fix that could be considered a little bit overboard. My wife and I are young homeowners. We don’t want to deal with this issue again. AFS is the only company we felt wasn’t trying to do the bare minimum. For this reason, we decided we would rather spend the extra money for peace of mind. We would do it again.

AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists

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