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5 Stars out of 5

as you know,we had some problems with a retaining wall,,that fell..thankfully no one was hurt in this and other situations regarding wall and repair and cleanup..everyone from juan and his crew to wayne and his crews helped to make it right and now its all better than ever…my thanks especially to wayne for his hard work and help in this matter,,he had better things to do but took it on himself to get the job done right and its great.. great communication and final payments were fair to all… I recommend wayne and juan and his crew a good raise or bonus in their work on the hardy house… if I ever heard of any negative comments toward any of them,,i would be greatly disturbed and would voice my opinion strongly in their support.. thanks to afs .we pray that all will work as planned.. so far,,so good..and the brick mason that built the of the best I have ever seen… he and his crew…wall repair…rebuild…

The Cleanup Process
cleanup was perfect they went above expected
Our Overall Service
one of best companies I have ever dealt with from work force to bosses.
Call Representative
Our Office Staff
Sales Process
Michael was very good at what he does and helped me tremendously in all I asked
Our Installation Crew
juan and his crew were the best people I have ever been around. great workers,kind,,and helpful and knew their job

What made you choose our company?

internet search, narrowed it down to olshan and afs and chose afs because they were quick to respond and was ready to help ,other did not return calls…knew nothing about afs before contact…and I read the review and was confident that I could trust them to do the job right the first time.

AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists

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