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5 Stars out of 5

This was the third time AFS came to look at our foundation. Two times prior the salesman did not recommend repairs. As the shifting continued repairs were eventually needed. I appreciated that the prior consultants were honest rather than greedy.

The Cleanup Process
Our Overall Service
Didn't close the cracks as we hoped, but will prevent more
Call Representative
Workers were great. Kept me informed of progress since I was not able to be there
Our Office Staff
Really needed no interaction with office staff
Sales Process
Quick appointment. Nice presentation but he was not there at first on installation as
Our Installation Crew
Awesome guys. Had a water line break that they had to work around. Great to stay in touch. Even let me know when a/c repairman and pest control came.

What made you choose our company?

Was referred by by structural engineer when the house was being built but did not need work at that time. After that we use ASF at another house that we own and liked the service and follow up when adjustments were required.

AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists

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